shipping & returns

Shipping Policy

Unless specifically stated, all goods posted DO NOT INCLUDE shipping fee.

When you check out a product a "FREE SHIPPING" sign will show up, HOWEVER, no, shipping will not be free, this "FREE SHIPPING" option cannot be edited out of the page so there is no way I can take it out.
Per good, I try to give an estimate price of shipping, so please read all the information stated on the good's page to have an idea of how much shipping fee will be.

Shipping fee information is sent 1 or 2 weeks after we have received or purchased goods.

Before asking for shipping fee information, MAKE SURE you know that the goods have already arrived to me. Please check Storelic's Twitter account for daily updates.

Shipping Method

Methods available for shipping are: Registered Airmail, EMS and Surface Shipping

All methods include a tracking number.

By default, all packages are shipped by Registered Airmail.

This method takes 2-4 weeks to arrive after your package has been shipped, please wait a minimum of 3 weeks to contact me about the status of your package. A maximum of 6 weeks is needed to open a case with the Korean Post Office if there is no news of your package.

EMS is used upon request. If you would prefer your package to be sent by EMS just send me an email or DM on Twitter with your Order # so I can have that in mind at the moment of preparing your package.

Surface Shipping is only used for those products that cannot be sent via airmail, such as products that contain batteries, by aircraft laws, it is not allowed to ship some product by plane.

You can request for your products to be shipped by Surface but be aware it will take reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long for them to arrive at you.

For more information, please check the following;

  • Airmail: 2-4 weeks (cheap)

  • EMS: 2-4 days (expensive)

  • Surface: 3-6 months (cheap)

Cancellation & Refund Policy

No cancellations or refunds allowed under any circumstances.
This point is stated in all posts so there is no way for you to miss it.

Unclaimed packages

After notice of your second payment (shipping fee) has been sent to you, you have a total of 15 days to send your payment otherwise your package will be classified as 'Unclaimed' and you will lose any right to claim or ask for it to be shipped to you. No refund will be issued.

Products will be offered on sale or dealt as we see fit.

Any message asking for an extension or a new payment date will be ignored.

Return Packages

If by any reason your package gets returned you will need to pay the shipping fee again and also a fee that is charged to us by the Korean Post Office. If your package is returned for more than 2 times we will not ship it again and you will lose any right to claim or ask for a refund.

Return packages will be dealt with as a last priority, 

After the shipping fee has been sent to you, you have a total of seven (7) days to send your payment otherwise your package will be classified as 'Unclaimed' and you will lose any right to claim or ask for it to be shipped to you. 

Missing Items

To be able to claim any missing item in your package you will need to send an unboxing video that starts from before you open your box (cutting the tape off the box) to after all goods are opened and displayed (since sometimes I put goods inside other goods to save space or protect them).

Be aware that emails/DMs with videos starting after the box is shown opened will not be accepted, photos are also not allowed.

If your video does not meet the required points (from start to finish) I will not be able to  reimburse nor replace the missing item.