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Shipping Policy

Unless specifically stated, all goods posted DO NOT INCLUDE shipping fee.

When you check out a product a "FREE SHIPPING" sign will show up, HOWEVER, no, shipping will not be free, this "FREE SHIPPING" option cannot be edited out of the page so there is no way I can take it out.
Due to COVID's situation, shipping overseas from South Korea has been quite volatile and we cannot give a specific estimate of how much shipping fee would be to any country.

Shipping fee information is sent 1 or 2 weeks after we have received or purchased goods.

Before asking for shipping fee information, MAKE SURE you know that the goods have already arrived to me. Please check Storelic's Twitter account for daily updates.

Shipping Method

We use 3 different couriers to ship our packages: Korea Post Office, SHIPTER and DHL.

  • SHIPTER -  This will be our default shipping company, it allows us to ship to more countries to a reasonable price. Courier first send packages to Turkey (not all packages) and after all are sent to their designated countries. Shipping Methods: Small Package and EMS.

  • Korea Post Office - We use KPO for countries that SHIPTER does not ship to. Shipping Methods: K-Packet, Surface and EMS.  

  • DHL/FEDEx - For those who requested or for those countries that SHIPTER nor KPO are not allowed to ship to.



Be aware that due to COVID the shipping times have been extended, what before took 2-3 weeks, now it takes 4-6 weeks. This also includes EMS.

K-Packet/Small Package: Small packages only, up until 2kg. Shipping will take around to 2-3 weeks to arrive. It's a bit slower than EMS but faster than Surface shipping. 
Because COVID-19, KPO has said that the loading of K-packets into flights will take around 1-2 weeks due to space and lack of flights to some countries, also because priority goes to EMS packages. SHIPTER has a schedule to load packages 2 times a week, be aware that even if we send our packages to our courier, they will take a few days to send us the information of our packages.

 EMS: Fastest shipping method, takes 5-10 days to arrive. It's expensive.

Surface: Slowest shipping method, by boat. Takes 3-9 months to arrive.


Local (Korea): Takes 2-3 days to arrive.


Please be aware that while we might give a time frame for delivery, this can be affected by the restrictions and special situations of each country and their status with COVID. Also, not all countries have the same method available, some only offer Surface or EMS only. 
Storelic does not control the shipping schedules in South Korea or any other country, our responsibility ends once we have dropped your package at the Korea Post Office and have sent your tracking number.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

No cancellations or refunds are allowed under any circumstances.
This point is stated in all posts so there is no way for you to miss it.

We purchased products AFTER we have received your order, if you are not sure you will be be able to fulfill your order and its payments needed with us, please wait until you are sure.

Unclaimed packages

After the email of your second payment (shipping fee) has been sent to you, you have a total of 15 days to send your payment otherwise your package will be classified as 'Unclaimed' and you will lose any right to claim or ask for it to be shipped to you. We will issue a 50% refund only.

Products will be offered on sale or dealt as we see fit.

You can contact us if you have a request for extension or a new payment deadline, however you will only be given 2 extensions maximum, after that if you cannot request any new date or extension and your package will be classified as 'Unclaimed'. Extensions or new date deadlines can only be a maximum of 7 days, counting from the deadline we have initially given you.

Return Packages

If by any reason your package gets return, you will need to pay the shipping fee again and also a fee that is charged to us by the Korean Post Office for the returned service. If your package is returned for more than 2 times we will not ship it again and you will lose any right to claim or ask for a refund.

Return packages will be dealt with as a last priority on re-packing.

After the new shipping fee has been sent to you, you have a total of seven (7) days to send your payment otherwise your package will be classified as 'Unclaimed' and you will lose any right to claim or ask for it to be shipped to you. 

Missing Items

To be able to claim any missing item in your package you will need to send an unboxing video that starts from before you open your box (cutting the tape off the box) to after all goods are opened and displayed (since sometimes I put goods inside other goods to save space or protect them).

Be aware that emails/DMs with videos starting after the box is shown opened will not be accepted, photos are also not allowed.

If your video does not meet the required points (from start to finish) we will not be able to  reimburse nor replace the missing item.

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