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  • Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, I ship to all countries, ALL, A-L-L. EVERY-SINGLE-ONE. TO ALL COUNTRIES THAT ARE PART OF THIS EARTH. So, yes. Unless your country is outside around Mars or the moon, then you should be okay.
  • Will my package come with a tracking number?
    Yes! All packages include tracking number.
  • What kind of shipping method do you use?
    Packages can be sent by Airmail, EMS and Surface Shipping. However, by default, all packages are sent by registered airmail because it's cheaper.
  • Can I get my package by EMS? I don't want to pay that much for shipping fee tho!!
    Well, then Houston we will have a problem. You can request for your package to be sent by EMS, yes, but be aware that you will have to pay a lot. EMS is expensive because it takes less than a week to arrive to any destination.
  • I checked my tracking number and my package hasn't moved?!! Where is it?!!!
    Airmail packages take 2-4 weeks to reach their destination. Tracking numbers are updated by Korean Post office right until packages leave the country, the last update should be the flight/ship number of where the package was loaded into, AFTER that it's up to the transfering/receiving country to update any information. Please contact your local post office for any update on your package once it has leave the country. Please be patient! P.D: Surface packages take between 3-6 months.
    Unless 3 weeks has passed after you package has been shipped then I won't reply any message regarding 'WHERE IS MY PACKAGE?!'. If you write asking about the status of your package before 1-2 weeks has passed then it means you haven't even taken the time to read the information I sent you when your 2nd payment information was sent.
  • I think my package is lost! I want a refund.
    If there is no news about your package after 6 weeks has passed, counting from the day your package left the country, we can open a case at Korean Post Office and ask them to track your package so they can try to find it. Please keep in mind the 6 weeks mark is not set by me, but by Korean Post Office, I cannot go before the 6 weeks has passed because they will not accept to open a case, it's their rule. Also, my job ends once I have dropped your package at Post Office. If your package is lost there is nothing I can do, I'm not responsible to what happens after your package is left for shipping. I am really sorry, but no refund will be issued.
  • My product came broken! I want a refund or a new product!!
    When I prepare packages I make sure all products are well packed, bubble wrap, paper and, if needed, even, air-filled pillows are used. I do not take responsability for any damaged product. No refund or new product will be issued. Only special cases (LIEK REALLY SPECIAL CASES) will be considered depending of the circunstances.
  • I will be in Seoul, can we meet up to get my products?"
    No, I'm sorry but I do not do meet-up under any circunstance. I had a bad experience with a meet-up and after that I decided to not do it again. However, if you let me know on time I will be willing to ship your goods to your hotel/airbnb/staying place. If my schedule is free and you are not staying too far I might be able to drop your goods to your hotel. Local shipping/transportation will be charged and you will need to transfer before I do anything.
  • I forgot to pay my shipping fee and the link is not working anymore, I want my goods, please please!"
    I'm really sorry you weren't able to meet the deadline, however I set a deadline for a reason, and I believe a 15 days period for payment is more than enough for buyers to be able to send their payments. After deadline has passed no extension will be given under any circunstance and any email asking for a extension or another oportunity for payment will be ignored.
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