personal & group orders

You want to buy fangoods from a specific fansite but they don't receive​ overseas orders or only ship by EMS?

You want to buy a mangwa from a korean artist but they only accept korean bank transfers?

You want to buy from a korean website but you don't know how to pay or order?

The product you want to buy is only sold on physical stores in Korea and you are on the other side of the world?

Don't worry little padawan (?), Storelic will order for you and help you save shipping fee!

​​How does it work?

1) Write down your list of goods on the box below WITH THE LINK (URL) of the product, please do make sure the product is not sold out.

2) You will receive an email with the information of your order request (I will try to send it as soon as possible). We only accept payment with PayPal.

3) Information sent will include PayPal fee, commission charge (please check the information for commission charges), and Korean Local shipping fee (if charged to us).

4) Do be aware that our prices are guided by the Korean pages and 1,000won = 1USD.

6) After you have received our reply, you have 24hrs, starting from the time our reply was sent to send your payment. We do not take any responsibility if the product requested sells out while we wait for your payment.

5) After all your goods have been received, we will send you an email with your total shipping fee. Your package will be on hold for certain amount of time (2 weeks, 14 days, starting from the day your shipping fee is sent) if you do not claim it, your package will be labeled as "unclaimed" and you will lose any claim or right to it, no refund will be issued either.


(per item)


Items value between 0~10USD - 2.5USD

Items value between 10~20USD - 3.5USD

Items value between 20~40USD - 5USD

Heavy items or items value between 40~80USD - 8USD

Items value from 80~100USD - 10USD

Items value from 100~500USD - 30USD

Items value from 500~1,000USD - 60USD

Items value from +1,000USD - 100USD


Thanks for submitting!