Super Junior D&E's 'THE D&E' Concert Goods - Postcard Book


Set: 10 pieces

Material: Paper

Size: 127x278(mm)


THE D&E Postcard Book


    Product is official from SM Entertainment.


    Deadline: April 3rd @ 10AM KST (Korean Time)

    *Deadline might be extended depending of the availability of the goods.


    Limted per person: 2 pieces of each item.

    *If you order more than 2 pieces, depending of the stock available we might not be able to get you the rest of your order.



    This product does not include shipping fee.


    Shipping fee will be sent to you in a separated email after your order is ready to ship.


    Please be aware that local shipping in Korea has 2 dates assignated.

    1) April 8th

    2) May 24th

    Depending of when the availability of the goods (if they sell out or get restocked) we will let you know when your order will be arriving to us and when they might be able to be shipped to you.