Update on September 1st

For this order, T-shirts&CDs are shipped to us from the USA. Shipping, no matter the quantity, is around 10-11USD, which is why we are opening a GO, the more the better. This shipping fee will be divided among all buyers and will be added on your 2nd payment (Shipping fee from KR to your country)




  • 1 booklet (72P)
  • 1 folded poster
  • 1 random card (total of 14).

SUPERM's T-shirt & Album


    This product is official from SM Entertainment


    This product does not include the shipping fee.

    Shipping to us, according to the website, will start after October 4th.

    Packages will be prepared after goods have arrived to us, it will take a 1-2 weeks for us to prepare packages.

    Local shipping fee will be divided between all buyers.


    Prices stated include our commissions + PayPal fee + Bank fee.

    Commissions are as follow:

    • Item: 3-2USD

    Extra charges

    • Paypal Fee: depends on the price
    • Bank's charge for PayPal withdraw: 1USD (per payment)

    The local shipping fee will be added to your 2nd payment, if needed it will be divided by all buyers.


    Once your order is received, cancellations are not allowed.

    Refunds are only given if production is canceled by the manufacturer. However, only part of the refund will be given:

    Extra charges such as PayPal fee and Bank charges will be taken out of the whole price, because those charges have already been charged to us, so we cannot get them back. 


    Be aware that refund will on be issued after the manufacturer has refunded our payment, we do not issue advance refunds.