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SMTOWN's Official Lightstick


Batteries are not included


- PLEASE READ: Due to COVID-19, South Korea is still no shipping to some countries, or some are limited to some countries. For these countries, that South Korea is not shipping to at the moment, be aware that we will send your shipping fee invoice for Fedex/DHL.


However, if your country is accepting parcels from South Korea, by any method (Airmail, EMS, Surface), shipping fee will be sent normally and we will not accept cancellations.

We cannot longer give estimations for shipping fees because shipping methods for each country are different and each country has a different charge. Any questions regarding estimations for shipping fee prices will be ignored.

SMTOWN's Official Lightstick


    Product is official from SM Entertainment.


    This product does not include the shipping fee.


    An estimated shipping fee cannot be given due to COVID-19. Each country has its own rule so each package will be handle according to the updates the Korean Post Office gives us.


    Shipping fee will be sent to you after your product has arrived at us and is ready to be shipped. We do not have a specific date as to when goods will be shipped to us. Any update will be done on our twitter account, @storelic. Please follow us for any update!


    Please be aware of the shipping rules updated on our twitter, please check the following link: #storelicshipping

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