Official Cashbee Card Transportation (can only be used in South Korea)


Card can be used to pay transportation and on certain convenience stores.


RED VELVET's The ReVe Festival Cashbee


    Product is official from SM Entertainment.

    Pre-order will end on August 14th @ 11:59PM KST

    This product cannot be combined with other products, if you combine this product with other items, you other items will be shipped separately.

    This product won't be released until the date stated above, any question about shipping before the date stated above will be ignored.


    Shipping fee: 5USD

    If you are only ordering this product, please mark the option "Shipping fee: 5USD" together with your other cashbee (ONLY Baekhyun), doesn't matter the quantity, the shipping fee is still the same.

    Be aware you still need to wait for this item because it hasn't been released yet.

    Local shipping will be after August 21st.

    Shipping will be done 1-2 weeks after, or as soon we receive/purchase our orders.


    Prices stated includes commissions + PayPal fee + Bank fee.

    Commissions are as follow:

    • Item: 1.5USD

    Extra charges are as follow:

    • Paypal Fee: depends on the price 
    • Bank's charge for PayPal withdraw: 1USD (per payment)

    Cancellations are not accepted under any circunstance.