@_pin_pinpin badges & sticker


NOTICE (by @_pin_pinpin)

  • Badges with small amount of stock might sell out before deadline.

@_pin_pinpin's MCU fanmade goods


    This product is fanmade.

    Production is being made by @_pin_pinpin' (on twitter)


    Deadline for order ends on May 27th @ 3:59PM (KST)


    This product does not include overseas shipping fee.


    Shipping fee will be sent to you in a separated email after your order is ready to be shipped. Updates of goods arrival will be posted in our twitter.


    Estimated for shipping fee is around 6.70USD ~ 12USD, however this might depend of how many products you order.

    Remember the price above IS AN ESTIMATION NOT A FIXED PRICE, final price will be sent to you after your package is ready to be shipped.


    Local shipping fee will be added to your total shipping fee, it will divided between all buyers.


    Prices stated include our commissions + PayPal fee + Bank fee.


    Commissions are as follow:

    • Item: 1USD


    Extra charges are as follow:

    • Paypal Fee : depends on price
    • Bank's charge for PayPal withdraw: 1USD (per payment)

    Once your order is received, cancellations are not allowed.


    Refunds are only given if production is cancelled by manufacter. However only part of the refund will be given:

    Extra charges such as PayPal fee and Bank charges will be taken out of the whole price, because those charges have already been charged to us, so we cannot get them back. 


    Be aware that refund will on be issued after manufacter has refunded our payment, we do not issue advance refunds.