EXO Official Lightstick Battery Pack


    Product is official from SM Entertainment.

    Deadline ends on June 13th @ 1:59PM (KST)


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    This product CAN NOT be joined with any other order/product.
    Due to Post Office and Aircraft regulations Power Battered(?) Fans are not allowed to be shipped to other countries by plane, for this, all power banks will be shipped by ship. If ordering this PLEASE be aware that packages sent by ship take A LONG TIME (around 3 months) to reach their destinations (depending of the country) and, since these fans have their own power banks inside, there MIGHT be a possibility that it might be returned by your home country if they do happen to check your package, it depends of the country (I do not know anything about other countries regulations so might have to check it out yourself). This product cannot be shipped to Saudi Arabia, "Surface" mailing is not allowed to this country from South Korea.Before ordering, please do make sure that you country allows Surface packages from South Korea.



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    • Item: 3USD


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