- Lightstick: one option

- Towel: 350mm x 790mm, 100% cotton. One option

- Ecobag: 360mm x 370mm, hump / PVC. One option.

- Clear Pouch: 340mm x 240mm x 40mm, PVC. One option.

- Chopstick Set: chopstick stand, chopstick, PVC / plastic. One option

- Fan: 2 options (donghae/eunhyuk)

- Lightstick accessories: 110mm x 23mm, PVC. 2 options (donghae/eunhyuk)

- Capsule (Charms): connectable charm, acrylic stand, can badge, smartphone stand. Random. Total of 18 different items

- Charm: 140mm * 40mm, PU, paper, iron, brass. Random. Total of 3 different charms.

- ELF-JAPAN Bag Charm:140mm x 40mm, PU, paper iron, brass. 1 option 

- Aloha Shirt: 2 sizes

.M: Length (front) about 660mm × length (rear) about 760mm × width of the body about 560mm × sleeve length about 220mm
.L: Length (front) about 690mm × length (rear) about 790mm × width of about 590mm × sleeve length of about 240mm


D&E's JAPANESE Concert Goods


    Product is official from AVEX.

    Deadline ends on August 26th @ 8:59AM KST

    Goods come from Japan, there isn't a date set up for shipping from Japan to Korea yet.

    Please be aware that if you order from us you will have to wait a few month for us to receive goods. If you are not willing to wait we suggest you to order from another store.

    This order cannot be joined with other ongoing/pending orders. If you put other goods together with these goods, your other goods will be shipped independently, no questions asked.


    This product does not include shipping fee.

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    Shipping overseas will start after shipping fee is paid.

    Be aware that shipping fee with include the following:

    Local Shipping fee (Japan)

    Shipping fee from Japan to Korea

    Shipping fee from Korea to Japan


    Note that japanese local shipping fee and shipping fee from Japan to Korea will be equality divided between all buyers who are included in this batch order from Japan.


    Prices stated includes commissions + PayPal fee + Bank fee.

    Commissions are as follow:

    • Item: 2~6USD

    Extra charges are as follow:

    • Paypal Fee: depends on the price
    • Bank's charge for PayPal withdraw: 1USD (per payment)
    • Shipping fee from Japan to Korea 

    No cancellations or refunds allowed under any circumstances